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About URN

United Recruitment Network (URN) is an interconnected network built to advance independent recruitment agencies driven to service the needs of local and multinational clientele.

A subset of the successful global risk management network, GBN Worldwide Ltd., URN and its state of the art technology, assists members to achieve a substantial, global competitive edge over other employment service industry leaders.

URN Vision

To be a leading US and international wholesale recruitment network, with the ability to service customers anywhere in the world and in any language.

At the heart of this vision is a collaborative pooling of technology and resources that transcends global borders.

The URN Edge

  • The advantage of an existing strong global presence
  • Leverage of multinational relationships to generate business locally for network partners.
  • Limitless growth and partnership opportunities
  • Access to shared resources both local and multinational
  • State of the art global recruitment technology
  • A network of like-minded independent recruitment firms with strong standing in local markets and areas of expertise
  • Tried and tested business model with a team of experts backing the network
  • Systematic member vetting process that ensures an elite network maintaining high industry standards
Join the URN Network and elevate your business value with a global advantage

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